Defragmented Brains
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What we do


There are different kinds of CTFs. From attack-defense based ones, up to jeopardy CTFs. Each of them has different kinds of tasks, allowing to find each person the perfect task.

Have Fun

It is not all about winning. No matter if we are top-scorer or if we are at the bottom, CTFs are all about having fun together.


In the end we are all here to learn: May it be a new exploit, new programming languages or a new tool. All of it helps us to become better, and maybe solve more tasks next time.


"Defragmented Brains" is a CTF team supported by the INSO/ESSE group at the TU Wien.

The first CTF we participated in was in 2008, and since then many more followed. We play all kinds of CTFs, but mainly focus on bigger and well-known CTFs and other CTFs that sound interesting to us. CTFtime is the place to go to lookup available CTFs, and also write-ups of older contests. If you find a contest you would like to participate in, just hit us up and we might play it.

Our Team

We are a diverse set of people, who you have probably seen somewhere around the TU Wien. All of us are (ex-)students of the TU Wien, and some of our members are lecturers you probably have seen in our ESSE lectures.

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