About CTF Contests

If you don't know what CTF contests are you're at the right place to get to know it :)

Different Types of CTF Contests

Three common types of CTFs exist: Jeopardy, Attack-Defense and Mixed.

How to Participate

Even if you do not have any CTF experience, you can join us if you're interested in IT security, programming, or general hacking IT. Based on our experience everyone can contribute, everyone has helpful knowledge and everyone can help to hack. An active participation will be worthwhile and everyone is welcome!

So far we expanded our knowledge, we had a lot of fun, and we were in touch with new exciting aspects in IT Security in every CTF contest we participated in!

You can also view some photos to get some more impressions.

Did we Raise Your Interest? :)

Are you unsure if you should participate? The CTF contest is a competition on various tasks in the field of IT and not only in the scope of security. Just check out our mailinglist and see if a CTF contest is also interesting for you! :) If you come around for a contest it is not necessary to stay the whole time, you can come, take a glimpse and leave anytime if you think that the CTF contest is not interesting -- which is very unlikely, however!

So if we raised your interest and you want to participate in a CTF contest, write us an e-mail and get in touch with us. There is also a CTF mailinglist you can subscribe to.

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